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Salad spinner painting!

Who remembers the salad spinners of the 1970s? Usually brown or orange plastic….and in my mind inextricably linked with Saturday afternoons for tea at Grandma’s and watching Pink Panther on the tv….

Well, it’s time to reach to the back of the cupboard and dust off the salad spinner – or pop out and buy yourself a new one! – as they are fab for a spin painting project which is great for toddlers and older children too. It’s an activity we do normally once a term or so at our ARTventurers classes and is always a massive hit with tons of “Wow”s! As well as being great fun it’s also great for improving motor skills, coordination, learning about colour mixing and cause and effect too.

2013-11-07 10.15.54
A year or so ago I was really thrilled when the Tate Gallery asked me to write a blog post for them for their Tate Kids website all about our salad spinner painting fun – so rather than repeat it all here, this is the link where you can find out how to do it!

And here’s a few pictures of our fabulous spin paintings too! (these were from a fireworks themed session – with some glitter sprinkled in for good measure!)

 2013-11-05 13.30.33 2013-11-05 13.33.06 2013-11-05 13.51.11 2013-11-05 13.51.23 2013-11-07 10.26.46

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