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Making smooth and squishy sensory bags!

Last week we had tons of fun exploring “Rough and Smooth”…painting on rough sandpaper and smooth shiny tinfoil, bumpy porridge paint, textured butterflies and creating our own squishy sensory bags!

The bags were a HUGE hits – lots of “Again again!”s echoing around the room.

We got large ziplock bags and had lots of fun squirting different coloured paints into them as well as adding some foam, bits of tissue paper, sprinkles of glitter…..

sensory bag activity, toddler sensory play

What’s in your bag? Paint and lots of glitter!

toddler painting activity


Then (and this is the important bit!) – we sealed the bags shut! Then placed them flat on the table and used our hands to squish, squidge, move and smooth the paint and foam around to make some fantastic patterns and different colours. A great exercise in colour mixing and for the older ones we also had a go at tracing letters and shapes with our fingers which was good fun.

sensory bag activity

It feels smooth!

sensory bag activity, toddler art class

Moving the paint around and creating some fab colours and patterns!


A lovely tactile, sensory activity – and low mess too!

toddler art class

Look what I made!

Shaving foam sensory play!

This week at Baby ARTventurers we’re getting out the shaving foam for some fluffy sensory play!

Shaving foam messy play for babies

She was certainly having a whale of a time in the foam!

Playing with shaving foam is a great sensory and learning experience for babies and tots – however make sure the little ones are closely supervised as obviously it shouldn’t be eaten and some children may have skin that is a bit too sensitive for it (we do always use the foam suitable for sensitive skin)

Making tracks with diggers!

Making tracks with diggers!

Scooping, squishing, smearing, making tracks with trucks and diggers, drawing shapes and making ice creams and milkshakes, building foamy towers and then knocking them down…..foam play is always huge hit! You can add a little drop of food colouring to jazz it up too. Last term I did foam play on a table for my older toddlers and covered the table with a layer of bubble wrap first which was a great extra sensory experience!

What does it feel like on my toes....?

What does it feel like on my toes….?

Shaving foam sensory play

Shaving foam on bubble wrap!

For older toddlers shaving foam is a great tool for early mark making and trying out letters and shapes – children who haven’t yet mastered the pencil grip can really enjoy drawing and shape making with instant results and without frustration.

Toddler messy play shaving foam

What’s hiding in the foam…?

Plus it leaves our play tray really lovely and clean!

We love cloud dough!

This week the Little ARTventurers have been loving the cloud dough as part of our “Build it!” theme and the babies always love it too. It’s dead easy to make and can provide hours of sensory creative fun!

seaside 9

You might well be wondering what the heck “cloud dough” is! It’s flour and oil mixed (well, rubbed) together to form a consistency that’s kind of like very soft sand. It’s a bit like that Moon Sand stuff in that you can squish it, squidge it, mould it, scoop it…then smash it all up and start again!

Quantities wise – I put a bag of flour (just the plain value stuff is fine) into a large bowl or box and add a big glug of vegetable oil which I then stir and rub into the flour. You’ll know when you’ve got it to the right consistency as it will be mouldable but still soft and not at all sticky. If it’s too dry just add a little more oil

You can add glitter for sparkle (not for the babies though!) – you can also colour it with powdered paint but then obviously I wouldn’t use it for babies when coloured. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to colour it with food colouring – it just clogs up.

Leave it in a box or tip into a tray – provide scoops, cups, people, trucks, pans….whatever you like…have fun!

2013-04-11 10.26.22